Sometimes you’re 23 and standing in the kitchen of your house making breakfast and brewing coffee and listening to music that for some reason is really getting to your heart. You’re just standing there thinking about going to work and picking up your dry cleaning. And also more exciting things like books you’re reading and trips you plan on taking and relationships that are springing into existence. Or fading from your memory, which is far less exciting. And suddenly you just don’t feel at home in your skin or in your house and you just want home but “Mom’s” probably wouldn’t feel like home anymore either. There used to be the comfort of a number in your phone and ears that listened every day and arms that were never for anyone else. But just to calm you down when you started feeling trapped in a five-minute period where nostalgia is too much and thoughts of this person you are feel foreign. When you realize that you’ll never be this young again but this is the first time you’ve ever been this old. When you can’t remember how you got from sixteen to here and all the same feel like sixteen is just as much of a stranger to you now. The song is over. The coffee’s done. You’re going to breath in and out. You’re going to be fine in about five minutes.

I happened to check this when it reached exactly 400,000 notes. I remember writing this two years ago when I had about 10 minutes before I had to get out the door. I remember the feeling, exactly. And the weight of those moments that I didn’t see a way out of. I had to write something down just to feel a little less anxious and a little more sane before I left home for the world that day. I hesitated to even post this because it just seemed like a rant or a journal entry. I certainly didn’t see it as a polished piece of writing, but it didn’t need to be. I’ve received so many messages about this piece all along the lines of someone feeling less alone or being relieved to know that someone else was in the same place they were. At 25, I still find myself in moments like these. When it happens, I often think of those messages and it eases that certain kind of panic a little. So, 400,000 notes later, I want to thank you all for helping me feel less alone. For your support and encouragement and kindness. You’ve made the world a little brighter. 

❝ In our culture, many of us idealize love. We see it as some lofty cure-all for all of life’s problems. Our movies and our stories and our history all celebrate it as life’s ultimate goal, the final solution for all of our pain and struggle. And because we idealize love, we overestimate it. As a result, our relationships pay a price.

When we believe that “all we need is love,” then like Lennon, we’re more likely to ignore fundamental values such as respect, humility and commitment towards the people we care about. After all, if love solves everything, then why bother with all the other stuff — all of the hard stuff?

But if, like Reznor, we believe that “love is not enough,” then we understand that healthy relationships require more than pure emotion or lofty passions. We understand that there are things more important in our lives and our relationships than simply being in love. And the success of our relationships hinges on these deeper and more important values. ❞

midweek muster: 10th September

+ shooting pains across my shoulder

+ fishhook hearts

caffeinate regularly without remorse  

+ anagram 

+ halfway mark 

+ shared stress

+ the end of formal education


Ida (2013): "Suicide is just a moment. This is how she described it to me. For just a moment, it doesn’t matter that you’ve got people who love you and the sun is shining and there’s a movie coming out this weekend that you’ve been dying to see. It hits you all of a sudden that nothing is ever going to be okay, ever, and you kind of dare yourself. You pick up a knife and press it gently to your skin, you look out a nineteenth-story window and you think, I could just do it. I could just do it. And most of the time, you look at the height and you get scared - You think about how sad it would’ve been if you never got to see that movie, and you look at your dog and wonder who would’ve taken care of her if you had gone. And you go back to normal. But you keep it there in your mind. Even if you never take yourself up on it, it gives you a kind of comfort to know that the day is yours to choose. You tuck it away in your brain like sour candy tucked in your cheek, and the puckering memory it leaves behind, the rough pleasure of running your tongue over its strange terrain, is exactly the same. The day was hers to choose, and perhaps in that treetop moment when she looked down and saw the yard, the world, her life, spread out below her, perhaps she chose to plunge toward it headlong. Perhaps she saw before her a lifetime of walking on the ruined earth and chose instead a single moment in the air."

❝ You get a strange feeling when you’re about to leave a place. Like you’ll not only miss the people you love but you’ll miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you’ll never be this way ever again. ❞
—— Azar Nafisi (via soldierofinquisition)

midweek muster: 3rd September

+ a week of nothing, nothing, i didnt do any work and I’m exhausted

+ discovering new music, ears to the soul

+ 5am 

+ coffee fuelled thursdays, new restaurants, company

+ laughter 

+ surprise deals 

+ deadlines looming

midweek muster: 27th August

+ something good to start the day

+ go on, question my knowledge. i dare you. 

+ unexpected coffee dates, caramel honeycomb coffee with a side of diabetes

+ lights on the highway

+ where are we going?


If you don’t think soul mates exist after watching this I don’t even know what to say to you.

And what I love about it is how perfectly they match up, how much their lives connect and overlap, how much they love each other, but they still only think of each other as friends. I think that’s such an amazing kind of relationship. Non romantic soul mates are just beautiful. 

midweek muster: 20th August

+ catching up

+ surprisingly catchy

+ stressed? 

midweek muster: 13th August

+ a new month, are we already behind? 

+ opportunities

+ recognising achievements - receiving good feedback on a piece. Small victories, small steps.  

+ guardians of the galaxy

+ trying to utilise this nervous energy to do something constructive - to make such nervousness a source of change, to strive for something better

+ Up the northern hills, a quiet catch up with friends, both old and new 

+ it has been a while since I’ve actually decided to plan and strategise to achieve a goal - perhaps a conditioned reaction to a fear of failure and judgement 

+ a better time

+ learning that the worst thing that could happen is for someone to say ‘no’. Understanding that ‘no’ is in no way a personal rejection. There are numerous factors in that calculation.

+ a few more growing pains